Sunday, April 8, 2012

About Me

     I was born in Boulder, Colorado, I have moved around various parts this state for most of my life and I love this country. There is no place like home!
    My resume and body of work include - Volunteer Fire Fighter, Radio DJ, Auto Mechanic, Restaurant Supervisor and Cook, Interpreter, Customer Service etc- just to name a few...
     I frequently travel within the country, and I've traveled abroad several times.
     I've been to Washington, D.C. - I know some of what goes on there and it troubles me, but what bothered me most was the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
     I have family members serving, and numerous friends and acquaintances who are active duty military.  I am thankful for their service, but worried about their safety - especially if we don't have a commander in chief who values their lives, and knows that these Men and Women are not to be used as pawns in a state of constant warfare.

     The bottom line is, we need to bring those troops back home, and the Pentagon needs to get serious with psychological evaluation and counseling for the traumatized young soldiers.
    There is no doubt the defense of our freedom from foreign enemies is important, but we should be vigilant for the true enemies of this country don't always come with an army and a banner. That is why defending our freedom is the duty of every American. So we don't get told lies that take us into war, and then have to send our families off to die.
     Our ancestors teach us to preserve our American way of life. It's not perfect but I wish to continue that tradition and look to our elders for guidance in these times.
     However, nobody needs a nanny to sneak around and snoop on our behaviors, listen to our phone calls  and fly drones above our heads, then throw us in jail for victim less crimes. I for one will not stand for tyranny. Better to die on your feet...
-Thank you, may God bless America, and the World.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why Republican?

For Republicans, Your Rights Are The Tradition
     If you are here, it is likely you are aware of the power just one vote has. Freedom and individual liberty, the importance of The Bill Of Rights and their place in The Constitution, and championing fairness in voting are all values that we as Republicans, have traditionally upheld, long before the appearance of self-serving politicians. How do you know where do you stand?

A History Of Sovereignty
     The united states of America began as an experiment. The goal was simply to state the idea that each and every individual is a Sovereign born naturally and indigenous  -man and woman is made by his or her creator, in his or her creator's image- and has a god given right to their own destiny, without the undue influence of those who would claim the right for themselves to decide what is best for you, your household, family or future. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was placed into the reach of all people, igniting a movement that attracted those looking for opportunity to work for the fruits of their own labor.

The Bottom Line     
     It's simple really, if you agree that rights are held by individuals and you don't want interference with how you chose to live your own life by anyone or anything, but especially by government, than you are a Republican. Welcome fellow patriots, let us unite, please say hi by posting a comment.

Why You Are Needed Now!
     The most crucial time for active patriots is right now!
     We are at a point where every American needs to stand up for their rights TODAY and make that statement, or risk losing what little freedoms it seems we still have.
     Consider registering Republican today, which can be done easily online: Register To Vote, Colorado
     IF you have ALREADY REGISTERED you can CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION, before the general election you must be registered a month ahead of time.
     Every right you exercise as a voter has an impact. Once you understand this, it's time for you to use the advantages of the Republican Party platform, organizational framework and network of everyday citizens, who are always willing to talk politics!

What Next?
     It's time for you and I to get active, there are online avenues, but in person activities are much more effective. Have a dinner party in your home, or a public luncheon or post some flyers, whatever you do it will help. Let's Go !

Why the election looks good for Republicans...

On The Sidelines

     According to 2011 Gallup polls, the number who identified themselves as Independent voters, has risen sharply since 2006:

Gallup Polls Survey

     Democrats gained the largest share of voters surveyed in 2008, and since then have seen a decline in the number of people who continue to identify themselves as Democrats.

     This graph also indicates that disenfranchised Democrats are hesitant to identify themselves as Republicans, and have settled somewhere in between or beyond association with either political party.
     The graph below explains how in 2008, 52% of voters were leaning Democrat and 40% were leaning Republican. As of 2011 only 45% are leaning Democrat, and an equal 45% are leaning Republican. This shows both parties are evenly matched and the general election will likely be a very narrow victory for either party's candidate.

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